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My name is Krista and I’m a Jesus loving mom, with an eye for beautiful things. When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up to “make things” and that’s exactly what I did. 

Based in North Carolina, my true passion lies in architecture.  The thrill of walking into a new space with the challenge of sharing the life and energy of an interior through a photograph is what keeps me excited.  The energy continues beyond photography though.  When I can help clients share their work with the world, I know I have fulfilled a purpose.  


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For my renovation projects, I have always taken the "after" photos myself...what a mistake! Krista get the right angles, the right light and now my photos don't look DIY. When you want professional results, hire a professional. Krista does a fantastic job and is wonderful to work with. Thanks for making our projects look even better.


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My name is Sam and I am an adventurous, musically inclined nerd living on the beautiful Japanese island of Okinawa. I appreciate every opportunity to use my artistic nature to create and have a serious love for music, dance, and theater. I met Krista while living in California’s Mojave Desert where we spent much of our time gallivanting through Joshua Tree National Park, killing it at the gym, and serving together in church. Hang out with me for just a bit and you will discover that I speak fluently in movie quotes, song lyrics, and corny jokes (all of which I tend to insert casually into everyday conversation). I am happiest when exploring God’s marvelous creation or singing at the piano.


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I’m Carley, a devoted wife and cat mom. I spend a lot of my time studying at UNCG while working for KCS.  I'm aspiring to be an avid gym goer (emphasis on aspiring). In my free time you’ll probably find me swimming, hiking, hanging with family, and finding new quirks about my cat. Turns out she likes taking a bath as much as I do!  

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