Hi, I'm Krista

I’m a North Carolina based photographer serving clients nationwide. I specialize in showcasing my interior designers’ & builders’ visions through the lens of my camera.  


Real Estate Photography

Elevate your listings and your seller’s experience with amazing photos.

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Interior Cinema

Emotional, Cinematic, Stunning

Welcome to the new age of content creation.  Where images speak but video shouts.  Amaze your clients with scroll-stopping cinema showcasing your hard work.

Desert of Past

Soft are the people
But savage are the stones and spines that I used to call home.


Scenes of Pilot

My childhood took Pilot Mountain for granted as did most of my younger adult years. But it is now that I’m seeing the beauty that is here.

The Unseen

I have grown tired of being rushed by others, never able to take it all in. I shall walk slowly and fearlessly looking for these small blessings of wonder. To see the unseen.

Black and White

Hear the sun.

Taste the wind.

Look and see the quiet

Canyon Sunset After the Rain


A while back I was forced to stop and think about what life would be if I didn’t work .  If I had nobody to create for but myself, what would I do?  

Through this time God began to reveal so much beauty in what He had created for me.  

He created for me.  

How profound to think that every moment, the beautiful and mundane, was there for me to experience.  It was this revelation that brought me to landscape photography. 

God’s love for humanity through His work.

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If only I could Sunbathe

Walking around Price Lake in early spring.  The sun had warmed enough to tempt locals out onto the lake for an afternoon nap.

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