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I recently photographed a beautiful new build in a quiet neighborhood in Clemmons, NC. From a stunning master suite with beautiful coffered ceilings to a gorgeous modern greatroom and fireplace, this home was such a joy to photograph. Let’s enjoy.

Quail Run


Architecture and Real Estate photography can be very picky when it comes to angles and views. It’s not just that there are tons of settings and details to get right (there are but not that’s not the point) it’s that the slightest adjustment to camera position can make such a huge difference when it comes […]

Knowing when to Shoot from an Angle or Straight On.


I heard a really great quote recently, and you’ll have to forgive me because I cannot remember who said it. But it was instructions on how to use your cell phone to take pictures of a Real Estate Listing. Are ready for this? Step 1: Pick up your phone Step 2: Call your local Real […]

3 ways to improve your Real Estate Photos on your Cell Phone.


From a Real Estate Photographer’s perspective, read 3 reasons sellers should leave the home while taking pictures of a listing.

3 Reasons to get the Homeowners out of the house when Photographing a Property.


In a previous post, I shared with you 3 easy tips for prepping a home for photography. There was some really great content there that was simple and actionable. If you haven’t seen it yet, go read it because in this post builds on top of it. I want to dive a little deeper into […]

How “clutter” is actually hurting your Real Estate Listing.


Have you ever been in a home that looks completely deserted? How about one that feels cold & dreary? Or worse, a home that is sooo “lived in” you have to step around the homeowners “valuable goods”. Of course you have, it’s your job! We’ve all had that feeling of panic when walking into a […]

3 Easy Ways to Prep a Home for Photography.


5 camera settings for real estate agents who photography their own listings.

5 important Camera Settings for Real Estate Agents who Photograph Their Own Listings.

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