3 Easy Ways to Prep a Home for Photography.



August 26, 2021

Have you ever been in a home that looks completely deserted? How about one that feels cold & dreary? Or worse, a home that is sooo “lived in” you have to step around the homeowners “valuable goods”. Of course you have, it’s your job!

We’ve all had that feeling of panic when walking into a property that’s supposed to be photographed in a matter of hours or days and nothing is ready to go.

It turns out though, there are a few things that can make a huge impact for photos and they don’t really take that much time and effort! Simple things like opening the windows, fluffing the pillows, and even hiding the toilet paper, can make a huge difference when you’re in a pinch.

As a photographer, I have a bit of “professional perspective” when it comes to these details so I want to share with you some of the top things I look for when I come to photograph a property. These are the things that make the biggest difference so let’s dive in.

1) Open the curtains

When you see the word “Photography” you’re actually looking at a composite of two latin words that literally mean, “Light” + “Image”. In simple terms, photography is a picture that is created entirely with light. This means that in order to actually take a picture, there has to be light so we are going to open the curtains! Let in all of that natural light!

Natural light is one of the first things home buyers are looking for and I love the results it brings to my images. It makes a space appear larger, brighter, fresher, and more comfortable.

When you open the windows, go ahead and check that the curtains and blinds are straight and make sure to hide any pull strings. Crooked blinds and strings really stand out in a photo.

2) Hide the cleaning supplies

Yes, your homeowner may run a tight ship, but that dawn dish detergent will not help sell a kitchen. Hide “cluttery” items like soaps, sponges, brushes, paper towels and any other small items under the sink. Dirty dishes? Definitely hide those.

The same idea goes for bathrooms. Toilet paper is an obvious necessity but home buyers do not want to think about someone else using their toilet! Hide any bath products like shampoo, toothbrushes, hair dryers, etc. and then put the toilet seat down.

3) Remind the seller to mow the yard

This is one of the easiest ways to add value to an property. There is nothing more disheartening to a photographer than having to photograph a beautiful home that gets hidden behind an unruly yard. Remind the client to mow the day before photographing for the best results. If you time it right, the yard will still look great for that open house too!

In addition to mowing the yard, pick up any kids toys, roll up the water hose and move those trash cans into the garage. I promise the trash cans will not add value to the property.

Now What?

There are plenty of other things to have your sellers do before photo day, like switching out all of the burned out light bulbs, but these are some of the simplest tasks that yield the most results. If you missed it earlier, I do have a great checklist you can walk through with your clients to have the house ready for photos.

Download it HERE –> KCS Photo Prep Checklist.pdf

I hope these will help you step up your game with your next listing and be sure to check out my other free resources for real estate agents, like the 5 camera settings you need to know if you’re photographing your own listing.

Until next time,


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