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January 27, 2023

A favorite photoshoot of mine, The Farriss House @thefarrisshouse is a beautiful mid-century modern Cape Cod in the heart of High Point, NC. This Airbnb truly makes for the perfect getaway with it’s beautiful combination of original details and modern convenience.

This was my first time shooting an Airbnb. I was surprised and amazed at how much love and design went into creating this rental, if you also love what you see book it for your next trip to High Point!

 Located in a quite neighborhood, The Farris House has such charm, standing out on its street with its quaint cape cod feel. I loved the ivy creeping up the brick and the beautiful mature trees around the property. A partially cloudy day makes for great lighting inside and out on a photoshoot day!

Living Room

I absolutely loved this living room! The design was executed so perfectly making the space feel stylish, spacious and inviting! Since it’s an AirBNB, I was expecting to shoot as if it were a real estate shoot.  BUT it was so beautifully designed that I ended up treating it more like a designer shoot!

I just couldn’t help it! I mean look at how gorgeous these shots turned out!

The interior design featured lots of pieces from Article!

Completely obsessed with this Sven Charme Tan Sofa and the two Nord Galaxy Gray Chairs are so subtly stylish and very comfortable! Accent pieces like Narro Black Side Table and the Texa Vanilla Ivory Poufs in front of the fireplace enhanced the design and made for additional seating.

The beautiful fireplace with dentil details brought that cap cod character to the space, complimented very well by the clean lines and simplicity of the mid-century modern design elements in the room.


Capturing the kitchen’s charm with my camera was easy.

Every detail was intended to make this space feel like home and I’d definitely say they succeeded. The seemly antique farmhouse sink made a big impact in this kitchen, drawing your eye and making you think of simpler times. At least that’s how it had me feeling!

Dining Room

This dining room just screams mid-century modern, while the unique character of the home in the window sills and beautiful built-in give a hominess and ode again to the original character of the home.

The Seno Oak Dining Table certainly makes a statement in this dining room, especially when paired with the Svelti Pure Black Dining Chairs.

Detailed photos like these really makes you feel like you’re right there in the room.

North Side Guest Room

The Nera Oak King Bed with Nightstands fit perfectly in this space and makes for such a focal point in this bedroom.

The golds and bright accent colors really stand out against all of the bright whites and neutrals in this design. It can be challenging sometimes to capture such contrasts true to color but with a little flash and some flambient editing, these turned out great.

These detailed shots, like the overhead shot of the side table with the clock and lamp, are some of my favorite shots in the whole shoot.

South Side Guest Room

There was such great natural lighting throughout the home that I mostly used natural light, with the occasional flash to capture theses shots (with a little bit of Flambient editing).

I couldn’t resist a good detail shot, or several detailed shots…

Downstairs Bathroom

The pink and black and white tiles ?

Upstairs Bedroom and Bathroom


I’m just gonna let the photos speak for themselves. Please enjoy the rest of the shoot!


Outdoor Living Space

Such a great private outdoor space with a ton of seating! The Joybird outdoor sectional sofa continued the mid-century modern feel outside with style and functionality. I was so glad the weather cooperated to get these shots!


My client, Chris, LOVED how these photos turned out!! I was pretty thrilled myself and am excited to share them to stir up business for us both.

Stay with this Superhost, 10/10 recommend! If you want to book for high point market, do it now!!


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If you want to have your latest project photographed by Krista, reach out!

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