Kentucky Derby Living and Bath Designed by An Inspiring Home


December 15, 2022

Located in the beautiful Waxhaw, NC (Southern end of Charlotte) this space designed by Jennifer Morrell with An Inspiring Home is utterly breath taking. As repeat client of KCS, Jennifer never fails to blow me away with her eye for detail.

The Living Room

Livingroom with Vaulted Ceilings, large stone fireplace with built-ins and seating area with TV.

We started the shoot in the living room.  It was a very dark day so we had to use a lot of flash in conjunction with long exposures.  I used long exposures for the ambient light and godox AD400 for flash.

Angled shot of entire Livingroom, shows stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings with beams and large, white  L-shaped couch .

With this shoot we wanted to represent the designers work and style.  These are portfolio pieces for her and she’ll use them for marketing.

Livingroom with soft linen couch and wooden coffee table.

^^ This is one of my favorite shots of the living room, I just cannot stop looking at it! I feel it shows so much personality for the space.  It’s like it’s saying, “Hi, I’m a comfy spot to rest. Put your feet up on the table!”

Living room with large smooth stoned fireplace.
Livingroom  with large fireplace, blurred woman moving through room.

The one with Motion Blur ?  That was the first time I had tried to shoot with blur and I LOVE IT! 

I took multiple detail shots, perfect to use in various marketing materials and social media. We often use shots like these in the marketing packages we offer.

Capturing the details of this space was so much fun. I loved the way that Jennifer brought together so many different textures, colors and prints. As a designer turned photographer, I couldn’t help but get excited capturing each gorgeous detail.

Charles Eames said it best, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

The Bathroom

full bathroom shot, including glass shower, soaker tub, and statement double vanity.
Bathroom double vanity and storage.

^^ I wish I had this much storage in my bathroom! So practical and beautifully executed.

^^ In the bathroom, this beautiful closeup of the counter is another favorite photo.  You could tell that specific slab was chosen exactly for this space.  The sinks are placed perfectly to have that dark streak run through the entire piece. Just stunning!

Soaker tub beside tiled walk in shower with glass frame.

That sleek soaker tub is just heavenly and made for a great detail shots.

Portrait Work

When we started doing portrait work, I tried several different techniques.  I don’t often photograph people in the space and when we had to combine lighting the designer with lighting the room, it got complicated!

Posed portrait shot of female designer on couch.

Jennifer was a natural in front of the camera, making my job easy to capture great branding portraits.

Candid shot of female designer in living room adjusting lampshade.
Second candid shot of female designer in living room adjusting lampshade.

I’m happy to say she was pleased with the results and so was I! Such a great shoot, can’t wait for our next.

To see more photos of Jennifers work, I highly recommend checking out our job at Nellie Ln!

And check out another favorite shoot here- PADDLERS COVE

If you want to have your latest project photographed by Krista, reach out!

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