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November 17, 2022

A new photography client Denean Jackson with D’Nicole Decor brought me on for an interior photography project, Tantallon Court, in Pineville, North Carolina.

This photoshoot featured a master suite and a dining room with connected beverage center.

The goal of this shoot was to capture a classy hotel vibe, in each space and I think we did just that!

The Principle Suite

We started in the bedroom, which was actually a tough space to shoot because it was a very dark room (the homeowners work third shift & needed a dark space). The materials in the space were also very reflective so any use of flash was really lighting up those materials.

Angled view of entire master master bedroom and peak into en suite bathroom.

 ^^To me this is my most successful shot of the room.  It’s beautiful and shows almost every element of the design since the mirror reflects what you can’t see in the camera. 

Straight on view of master bedroom.

This gorgeous master bedroom done in Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams, was perfectly contrasted with the use of lighter greys and bold blues. The color scheme and finishes really give a Luxe hotel vibe to the space, which is exactly what Denean and her client were going for.  I love a good moody space but It’s so hard for me to leave really dark shadows.

Angled view of master bedroom, shows bed, nightstands, and 2 chairs at foot of the bed.

To capture such bold and dark colors I tried to use as much natural light as possible but we had to flash (with really long shutter speeds) to get a more balanced, natural look.

Master bedroom- view of bedroom furniture in reflection on large mirror.

In editing these photos I used the “flambient” method (a combination of the two styles of photography in order to achieve the best possible final image).  Ambient photos rely on natural light and flash photos are used to help with color correcting, window views, and of course, additional lighting. By mixing the use of flash and ambient exposures together I was able to generate special effects and stunning images.

I layered my ambient exposures over a flashed exposure but the flash became more integral in this one since the finishes were reflecting all kinds of color everywhere.

Master bedroom- view of bed and glass chest of drawers with lit sconce above.

The design feature I was most excited about capturing in this bedroom was definitely the wall mounted sconces over the bedside tables.  They were awesome and gave such great ambiance to the room.

Bottle of champagne with 2 glasses on served on bed.

How did the photos turn out? At first we had to revise the edits a smidge to bring down some of the blues, they felt a little too bold on round one. Round two of the deliverable left Denean feeling super excited about the results of this shoot.


View from master bedroom to en suite bathroom.
Bright modern bathroom with dark vanity.

A much lighter and brighter space compared to the master bedroom, but just as stunning. I love the way Denean coordinated the wall color of the bedroom to the vanity, it really connects the spaces.

Beautiful modern double vanity and glass shower featured in master bathroom.
Glass shower beside toilet in modern bathroom

A Dining Room and Beverage Center ready for entertaining!

Neutral dining room with grey and gold color scheme,

Often times my favorite thing to capture at a photoshoot is the details in vignettes. I think my favorite photo of this whole shoot was the close up of the chandelier. That chandelier is beautiful and the photo makes such a statement.

I LOVED how the chandelier pulled out the gold in the table base.  But then the wallpaper had so much subtle texture that demanded to be seen.

Beverage center off of dining room, shows counter, cabinets and mirror above.

The beverage Center, though a small space, made a big impact.

Get a closer look in the KCS gallery – TANALLON CT

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If you want to have your latest project photographed by Krista, reach out!

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