Beach Vibes

Photographing this STUNNING beach vibe house down in Oakridge, North Carolina was definitely one of my most successful interior photography jobs to date. It was easy to see how amazing the design was after a first glance at the blue island, stone fireplace, and that custom vanity in the bathroom.

This space was just filled with natural light, making this a photographer’s dream space. I used no fill flash and only turned the lights on in the space for a “luminosity” effect. You can see it very subtly under the cabinets. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes it isn’t but it’s nice to show the designer’s consideration to lighting.

You can actually see my “luminosity” effect in place here as well. The back-lighting in this beverage cooler was a harsh LED (for a camera that is. It looks so cool to the eye). But by adding the luminosity mode to a single frame in photoshop, we get a lovely spotlight on our drinks without an awkward color hue.

Let’s all admire this vanity for a moment. The designer selected this piece from an antique dealer in town and hand painted the whole thing herself!

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