The best tool to deliver photos to clients.

Pixieset is the best way to deliver photos to clients

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High Five! You’ve just had an amazing photo session with a great photography client. Your edited images turned out perfect, but now you have to decide how to deliver the photos back to you client. Really this isn’t a difficult situation. In fact, there are lots of simple solutions to this. You could upload your photos to google drive and share them, effective. You could put them all on a personalized USB drive, effective but pricey. OR you could use my favorite tool to deliver photos to clients, Pixieset.

Pixieset is a really nifty tool. It’s an online gallery, much like google drive, but way prettier and professional looking. It offers you the ability to create customizable client galleries, deliver images directly to clients, process print orders, and even build personal apps for clients!

In this video I give you a thorough tour of Pixieset and why I believe it’s the best way to deliver photos to clients.

Here’s a timing breakdown:

Client Experience: 01:03

Client Galleries: 05:40

Settings: 11:05

Store: 11:58

Mobile App: 15:57

Website Builder: 19:15

Pricing: 20:01

If you’ve never used Pixieset, I promise you it’s a life saver. It’s so simple, yet very professional looking. I highly recommend you check them out HERE!

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