5 Key Elements to a Living Room.



May 6, 2019

Hey friends! I am so excited to be designing the rooms in my own house and I’d love to be able to share tips and tricks with you along the way. Today we are talking Living Room Design, more specifically, the key elements that are sure to tie your room together and complete your space.

1) Pillows

Nope! They are not just for sleeping (although Kelly would completely disagree). Pillows are crucial to completing your living room space. Not only do they provide an element of comfort, they also add extra dimension to your seating. And here’s a secret… pillows do not have to match the furniture (eep!). So, what are the important things to look for when choosing pillows for your space?

  1. Combine solid colors with pattern to create depth.
  2. Look for a color scheme. Color really is relative to your space and what you like, but here are some basic color schemes to keep in mind:
    • Analogous color schemes – colors that fall beside each other on the color wheel (Blues, Greens, and Yellows)
    • Complimentary color schemes – colors that fall opposite each other on the color wheel (Blues and Oranges)
    • Monochromatic color schemes – BOLDLY choosing to go with all one color (BLUE EVERYWHERE!!!)
    • Completely neutral (Grays, Blacks, and Whites)

2) An Area Rug

I love a good area rug. They have the ability to bring in pattern and create a fresh dynamic for the space, and (even more importantly) redefine the dimensions of the room. In my living room, I am able to keep furniture completely off the walls by using my area rug as the “wall”. This keeps the space feeling fresh and open, and brings the seating closer together establishing a more intimate feel.
Before choosing your perfect area rug, take some time to consider how much foot traffic will be going through. You don’t want to put that beautiful thousand dollar Persian rug in the entryway for everyone’s shoes to trample all over. Instead try using an indoor/outdoor rug that will not wear quickly and cleans easily. I absolutely love the indoor/outdoor rug in our living room.

3) Accent Pieces

Curious how you can bring in your personality and style into your living room?! Use an accent piece! Each item can define your style and showcase your personality. Your accent piece can be virtually anything from a rug to an antique. The main thing to focus on when choosing one is something that draws focus and attention. Our accent piece is a chair which is wonderful because it also functions as additional seating.

(Side note: you do not need two accent chairs… one will do!)

4) Comfort

Obviously, you cannot purchase comfort (well, a La-Z-Boy might come close). It is not a tangible item that you can hold in your hands, but a mindset to keep as you search for and purchase different items. Think about the way you intend to use your space, and note that modern furniture can be comfortable too!!

Pro tip: make an uncomfortable couch more comfortable by adding a place to put your feet!

5) Bring in your personality!!!

It is real… make your space your own! You like that armadillo lamp? Get it! In love with hot pink pillows? Put them on that couch! Be your own designer and add in trinkets and knickknacks that you have a true connection with. I have several of these items set on the mantle, but the main “personality piece” in my living room is the cat tree. Even though it is not my favorite thing, Kymba Cat absolutely loves it and we love her.

In fact, in this room we are bringing our story into the design by having the theme be “Desert” and “Joshua Tree”. Kelly and I spent the first five years of our marriage in the desert and we’ve got lots of stories that are dear to our hearts. You’ve seen where we have gotten so far in the design but check out our full vision on my Reading Room Design posts and let me know what you think!

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