Reading Room Redesign II



April 9, 2019

Here we are with round two of the reading room. Originally you guys walked with me through my first Reading Room Redesign where we featured an awesome, high-contrast, space with green velvet on the sofa and black pillows! I just knew that was going to be the look for the space. In fact, I could already feel the velvet cushions and plush rug under my toes.

Here’s a quick recap:

But then something happened. Something big. Kelly, my husband, found a couch he liked. And not just any couch, but a cute couch. Here’s how the story went.

So we walk into World Market a couple weeks ago. I’m B-lining it straight to the rugs. In my head, the rugs are 50% off and I’ve got the blinders on. Kelly’s right on my heels when he decides to sit on a sofa. It doesn’t phase me since I know home decor isn’t exactly interesting to him. So when I hear him say, “I kinda like this,” I freeze. Fast forward through a 30 second conversation with myself about how tickled I am that Kelly has an opinion on this, I begin to regroup.

The sofa definitely doesn’t fit in with my green velvet vision, but it’s got some cool midcentury vibes that are pleasing. It’s a nice neutral color, that isn’t 1995 brown, and it feels really homey. The store had it staged in a Joshua Tree vignette, which is probably what caught our attention in the first place and very quickly, the setting felt right.

We went home, no rugs in hand, and worked through a cute living room concept with our treasured Joshua Tree in mind. Here’s what we came up with (and I actually mean WE!):

reading room design


Noelle Sofa




Natural Tree Stump



Ace Chandelier



Macrame Pillow

Macrame Pillow




We have started purchasing pieces for the room!  We love sitting in there with guests and find the furniture very comfortable.

We actually ended up not liking the West Elm Stump table.  When it came in, it was fairly plain looking and was completely raw.  It wasn’t sealed in any way and was rough to the touch.  Kelly was very confident he could create the same piece with some of the trees behind our house so we returned it.  We’ll continue the hunt for our perfect side table. 

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