A Bohemian Design

Bohemian design is a popular aesthetic these days. From the tribal patterns and earthy elements to the cozy textures, it’s a look I can stand behind.

While working for a client, I created some moodboards early on and shared them with my Facebook and Instagram followers. The engagement was overwhelming and as a result I created a shoppable page specifically for this look.

Bohemian Design Moodboard showing inspiration and products to shop.
Inspiration Image (left) from Pinterest. Designer Unknown.

While I’m not sure who the designer is of the inspiration image, I can point out a few key elements of this bohemian design that you’ll want to keep in mind as you curate your own space.

1) Start with a Bold Rug.

Look for pieces that are rich in Jewel tones and have a strong geometric pattern. Check out my Reading Room Design for an example of how I used a fun rug in my own living room.

2) Choose either the sofa or the chair to stand out

You won’t want both competing so stick with one piece to compliment the rug. For me this usually means the large sofa will be a light neutral material.

Worried about dirt on a white sofa? Consider looking for slipcover sofas that can easily be washed or replaced!

3) Incorporate a rich, orange leather.

Leather is almost a staple with bohemian design. It doesn’t need to be much, just enough. Consider a leather ottoman or a leather pillow.

4) Layer the textiles.

Look for textiles that are dense and have lots of dimension. Woven pillows and wall hangings are great options. The key is to use lots of visual layers to create a cozy atmosphere.

5) Don’t forget the green.

Be sure to include lots of nature! Look for larger indoor plants and consider tables with live edge tops. Bohemian design, after all, features lots of earthy elements!

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