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February 17, 2019

Marketing is tough. Period. It’s a viscous world of numbers, coding, and fighting to be seen. The last thing you need to be worried about is how to create stunning images that will catch the attention of your viewers. Most graphic designers and big marketing firms turn to Adobe for such solutions. They have many amazing programs that will allow you to do anything you could dream of! But that freedom comes with a price.

No what if I were to tell you that there was another program out there designed specifically for the “non-graphic designer” that lets you create beautiful images in just seconds? Now what if I were to tell you it is COMPLETELY FREE?!?! Are you ready for this…?

It’s called Canva, and it’s awesome.

There are literally thousands of templates to choose from!

All you have to do is create a free account and you immediately have access to hundreds of templates that are already formatted for different purposes. Not only can you select a generic category that’s formatted for a purpose (like facebook maybe?) but you can also then choose from hundreds of choices within each category! Trust me when I say this tool has saved me hours of time and brain power.

Now I admit, as a graphic designer, I fought it at first. With so much design freedom, how could I possibly forfeit the opportunity to create something 100% original. I have an answer for that…TIME. When it comes to social media (and my current phase of creating lots of content for you guys) time is so precious. If you find yourself in that situation, or maybe you just need a solid starting point for your images, check it out at I promise you’ll be creating graphics faster than ever!

Ps, Here’s an example of a graphic we were able to make in just seconds.

I really hope you guys can check out canva and show me some of your awesome creations! Post them below with links to you sites and show the world your stuff! Don’t forget to opt-in below for more tips and (soon-coming) freebies in design and photography!

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