3 Examples of Texture Perfection.

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If you follow my Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of texture and this thing called “Scandimaximalism” (If not, stop everything and go check out my feed!). I just love sharing inspiration from my favorite designers and photographers who have perfected the art of layering texture. So much so that I wanted to do a quick post sharing my favorite examples to date!

This Desk

Blankets and pillows mix with smooth textures to illustrate layering textures

I love all of Susanna’s photography. She has such an eye for mixing soft colors with light neutrals. What I think really works here is how she takes mostly smooth finishes (the velvet pillows, painted desk, and glass top) and accents them perfectly with very visual flowers and a throw. (Follow her Insta @shnordic and check out her website!)

Dining Divine

Distressed wood mix with soft knits, furs, and other textiles to show contrast in textures

Another favorite example is by Edge Home Design. This mother/daughter duo are seriously rocking the texture game. What works so well here is the use of this beautifully distressed wood (which we know to be a hard surface) contrasted with layers of fur, knits, and rugs (all very soft materials). Even the baskets look to be soft! (check them out at their website and @edgehomedesign)

Rugs on the Walls!

Hanging textiles and rugs on a wall are a great way to add texture to a room

Next up, this showroom design by Vivid Interiors in Greensboro, NC. They have a true knack for mixing colors and textures in ways that always surprise. Take this for example! Rugs on the walls. Yes please! (Visit their site and be sure to follow them @vivid_nc

Lastly, one of my very own creation. Check out our Joshua Tree Themed Reading room post to see how I’m layering rugs and pillows to create beautiful texture in my own space!

Let me know if you have any cool examples I should check out! And if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe!

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